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Rental car Solo Add-Ons for Safety and Convenience

Rental car Solo Add-Ons for Safety and Convenience

sewa mobil solo is usually an inexpensive strategy for getting a mode of transportation when it's really needed. There are numerous of main reasons why people rent cars.

Those reasons may include: an effective way to bypass with a vacation, rather mode of transportation every time a person's own vehicle will be repaired, in order to use a dependable vehicle for some time excursion. It doesn't matter what the reason why an individual chooses to rent a vehicle, he / she should look into rental-car add-ons that will give her / him added safety and convenience.

One add-on that many person hiring a car should think about is rental-car insurance.

Lots of people overlook this add-on seeing it as being an extra expense which is not needed much more fact when they considered how much money it would cost to mend a damaged vehicle, the amount of money allocated to the insurance coverage will over spend on itself.


For individuals that are hiring a car during vacation, certainly they are not aware of the spot these are vacationing in very well to have around devoid of the chance for becoming lost. It can be that is why a large number of rental-car companies offer Global positioning system systems as being a rental car add-on. These handy units may help people locate fairly easily their way round the often strange streets with their holiday destination. Navigation units may give them turn by turn instructions to acquire them safely for their destination. Navigation units are portable to enable them to also be used while walking on town experiencing and enjoying the sites or when you shop.

Personal safety factors are very important however when vacationing with young children; their safety needs to be main priority. As a means of keeping the protection of babies essential, rental car companies offer baby car seats and boosters being a rental car add-on. This could be convenient for individuals that are traveling on a break , nor contain the necessary safety equipment for the children to ride safely automobile. It's also convenient if you have children but don't own a motor vehicle but they are renting a car for a while of your time. Avanza from them from the need to purchase their particular child car seats and boosters that could never be utilized again.


A chance to rent an automobile gives people an expedient availability of transportation whenever they want it most. Hiring a car features a responsibility not just for that driver yet others within the vehicle also for the automobile itself. Sewa Mobil di Solo of Car hire add-ons can also add safety and convenience to the rental and really should be regarded as when renting an automobile.
The easiest method to do not be roped into an overvalued is always to research prices and become conscious of market prior to your reservation. You need to fully investigate all your options and determine what you really want before booking accommodations vehicle. If you do not you happen to be prey for that predatory rental mobil solo agents who will be trying to create a quick buck in your inexperience and lack of education.

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Rental Mobil di Solo - WAWAN PLAKO

Rental Mobil di Solo - WAWAN PLAKO

Berikut harga rental sewa mobil di Solo

Standar, harga pasar mobil sewa, rental.

Hubungi : Bapak Wawan Plako
Karangasem Kleco, 2/3 Laweyan - Solo
Telepon : 0856 2832 874 - 0821 3414 7050 - 0271-7576705

Toyota Avanza/Daihatsu Xenia dengan mesin bertenaga 1300 cc telah lama menjadi mobil pilihan para pelaku jasa sewa mobil, karena kelebihan dari mobil ini yang irit BBM dan kapasitas penumpang mampu memuat 7 orang. Mobil ini selalu menjadi pilihan keluarga kecil ataupun para pelaku bisnis.

Berikut harga pasaran Avanza dan Xenia di pasaran rental mobil di kota Solo Jateng:

Harga Sewa Normal:
Rp. 250.000 self drive per hari (24 jam)
Rp. 325.000 plus driver 12 jam non BBM Dalam Kota
Rp. 400.000,- / 10 Jam (harga sudah termasuk pengemudi dan BBM) Dalam Kota
Rp. 300.000,- / 5 Jam (harga sudah termasuk pengemudi dan BBM) Dalam Kota
Rp. 5.000.000,- / bln ( biaya service & kerusakan ditanggung penyewa )
Rp. 6.500.000,-/ bln ( harga sudah termasuk pengemudi )
Harga Diskon ( Pemakaian lebih dari 2 hari):
Rp.225.000 self drive per hari (24 jam)
Rp.300.000 plus driver 12 jam non BBM

Toyota Innova adalah kendaraan MPV yang cocok untuk keperluan bisnis, keluarga dan wisata.
Dengan mesin bertenaga 2000cc, innova sangat nyaman dikendarai baik dalam kota atau untuk bepergian keluar kota. Mobil ini juga dapat digunakan untuk keperluan seperti meeting, konference, seminar, wedding atau pun untuk tour mengunjungi obyek-obyek wisata.

Harga Sewa Normal:
Rp.350.000 self drive per hari (24 jam)
Rp.425.000 plus driver 10 jam non BBM Dalam Kota
Rp. 650.000,- / 10 Jam (harga sudah termasuk pengemudi pariwisata dan BBM)
Dalam Kota
Rp. 7.000.000,- / bln ( biaya service & kerusakan ditanggung penyewa )
Rp. 9.000.000,-/ bln ( harga sudah termasuk pengemudi )
KIA Pregio, mobil jenis minibus berkapasitas maksimum 10-12 orang